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Channel Of The Week: Itswaypastmybedtime (Carrie Fletcher)

Carrie Fletcher


Style: Vlogs, Comedy, Music, Covers

FYI (or CarrieHFletcher 101): Carrie Fletcher is a 20 year old youtuber from England.  Her videos range from vlogs (Fairy Fails: Rumpelstiltskin was a Twerp) to music (The Only Exception – Paramore Cover)  to comedy (What My Brain Does Before Bed). Her channel began in March 2011 and she has developed a healthy following of over 300 thousand subscribers (who have coined themselves as the Hopefuls (based on Carrie’s middle-name, Hope)) and over 21 million views.  She also has her own blog, and an advice blog, All I Know Now, where she gives advice based on everything she has learnt up until this point in her life. This blog is best explained  by Carrie herself in this video.

How did I discover this channel: I stumbled upon this channel through Cayleigh Goodson (I was looking for covers of Sara Bareilles). Goodson had subscribed to Carrie’s second channel, Twentythirtytwo, and through this channel, I discovered Itswaypastmybedtime.

Why did I subscribe: Carrie’s vlogs provide light hearted entertainment, while her advice is practical and nurturing (Not to mention she has an addictive british accent). Her voice of reason is appropriate for Gen Y and young Gen X’s, however, older generations can learn a thing or two from her too.  Her covers and music videos highlight her powerful voice and musical abilities, although, her audience (namely me) is simply craving for a higher quality microphone to exemplify her talents.


Why Can’t I be a Disney Princess?


Would you date a Disney Prince?


Pitch Perfect Cup Song


Awesome Words


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