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Catching the travel bug

I recently returned from a trip to Europe, my first time. This has re-ignited my passion for travel, and strengthened my determination to travel more. I am hoping this passion will translate into a series of travel blogs filled with reviews, recommendations and advice. We’ll see…

Travel is not a new thing for me, I’ve been travelling constantly over the last two decades, to Vietnam and its surrounding countries, the US, and short trips all over Australia. Last year, I took a huge 6 week holiday to South America and the USA. South America wowed me, and for the first time I realised how big the world was, and that there was so much beauty to be seen.

It was such a big trip, that although I loved it, although it was filled with countless highlights – it exhausted me, and I was ready to rest. Return to the normalcy of everyday life, give travelling a break.

A few months later – an opportunity to travel with my best friend arose, and (of course) I snapped it up. I began researching places to go, things to see – a number of ideas popped up – road trip around New Zealand, West to East exploration of Canada, Alaska, Scandinavian Northern Lights… and then I came across fjords. That was the turning point for me.

If you’ve never heard of a fjord, google image it. Once you’ve seen it – I challenge you to resist the urge to witness it with your own eyes. And that’s just what I did – within a month of coming across a fjord, I had booked a trip and was on my way to Scandinavia – Norway (to be exact).

And it’s possibly the best spontaneous decision I’ve ever made. Norway is breath-taking. I have fallen in love with this country, with its natural beauty. I cannot stop gushing about it. Norway has shown me that there are places on this Earth that seem out of this world. If there is one place in the world that you must travel – Norway is it.

And that is how my travel bug went from a mild infection – to a chronic disease.

This post is dedicated to Divie, my beautiful best buddy.

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