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Norway: The land of the fjords

Two months ago, I took a spontaneous trip to Norway. This was my first trip to Scandinavia, my first time in Europe. I was blown away. Norway was like nothing I had ever seen before…

When? Late July 2013

Duration? 8 days (part of a 3 week Eurotrip)

Tour or independent travel? Independent travel through an unescorted tour with Fjord Tours (specifically Geiranger & Norway in a Nutshell)


If you’ve never heard of a fjord, google image it. Once you’ve seen it – I challenge you to resist the urge to witness it with your own eyes. And that’s just what I did – within a month of coming across a fjord, I had booked a trip and was on my way to Scandinavia – Norway (to be exact).

Extract from Catching the travel bug


Day 1: Arrive Bergen – Bryggen
Day 2: Bergen to Oslo – Voss, Stalheim, Gudvangen, Nærøyfjord, Flam, Myrdal
Day 3: Oslo – Oslo Operahuset, Oslo Radhus (City Hall)
Day 4: Oslo to Alesund – Dombas, Andalsness
Day 5: Alesund to Geiranger – Hurtiguten Coastal Voyage, Flydalsjuvet
Day 6: Geiranger to Alesund –  Flydalsjuvet, Dalsnibba
Day 7: Alesund to Bergen –  Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage
Day 8: Depart Bergen

What I loved: Fjords!

Geiranger was easily the highlight of my whole 3 week Eurotrip. The view from our room (Hotel Utsikten) was absolutely amazing, and it was just around the corner from the breathtaking lookout, Flydalsjuvet. And if that wasn’t enough, Dalsnibba just blows you away.

Nærøyfjord  – The cruise from Gudvangen to Flam through Nærøyfjord (Fjord Cruise) is crowded but incredibly beautiful.

What I didn’t love: Expenses – Even with our dollar being relatively high, everyday costs (e.g. food etc.) was quite expensive.

My experience: I’m hoping to provide more details on my experiences (particularly with Geiranger, Norway in a Nutshell, Hotel Utsikten and the travel expenses) in future posts.

In retrospect: I started my Eurotrip in Norway and travelled to Milan, Switzerland and Paris. If I were to go back in time and re-plan my holiday, I would have visited Switzerland before going to Norway. Switzerland is extremely beautiful, and normally, I would’ve been stunned by the gorgeous lakes and Swiss Alps – but having seen the Norwegian fjords a few days prior, I was highly appreciative of the Swiss beauty, but not blown away.

Tip: Stay at Hotel Utsikten in Geiranger and request a ‘fjord view’ room (we stayed in 307). It’s worth it, totally worth it.

My Rating

Rated:      10 – Mind blowing, life changing. – Add this to your bucket list!
Graded:    A – Would live here

If there is one country in the world you must visit, it is Norway.
If there is one place in Norway you must see – it is Geiranger. 

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