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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – First Impressions

Product: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – 256GB 8GB Intel i7 Date Obtained: 31st December 2014 How did I get this product: Bought online (Microsoft Store – $1646.10AUD student price on 24th Dec ‘14) Reasons for purchasing this product: Size/form – I was drawn to the thin, lightweight design of the Surface Pro 3. The 12 inch screen strikes the […]

Finish fewer books

I love to read. Unfortunately, I don’t read as often as I’d like to, and definitely not as often as I used to. Lately, I rarely pick up a book. I’ve found that there is so much to see, so much to do that there are so few opportunities for ‘guilt-free’ reading. Thus, the intro […]

Practically Packed: Electronic devices

Last month, while travelling on a train through the stunning Norwegian fjords and beautiful Swiss Alps, I noticed that, other passengers of my generation had their eyes glued to a tablet/phone. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. For me, holidays are about enjoying your time away, soaking in your surroundings, absorbing the culture, the scenery […]

My ‘mood-stabilisers’.

There are two things that make me insanely happy, and keep me sane. Dancing and travelling. I try to keep both in my life at regular intervals. Balancing the rest of my life, with what I love to do. Yes, it’s more expensive than anti-depressants, but the side-effects are much more pleasant. What are your […]