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Travel Rating System

This rating system is based loosely on the general guidelines I used for my Books Rating System.

Please keep in mind that these ratings/grades are based on personal opinion and completely subjective.

10 – Mind blowing, life changing. – Add this to your bucket list!

9 – Stunning! Must see! – Can’t wait to return

8 – Wow! – Would return in a heartbeat

7 – Great! Highly Recommended – Worth experiencing at least once in your life

6 – Very good. Recommended – Worth the experience

5 – Good – Recommended with reservations

4 – Meh – Take it or leave it

3 – Bad – But not without some merit

2 – Horrible – You have been warned

1 – Complete waste of time

0 – Please don’t go! One of the worst experiences I’ve had – I want my money (and a few days of my life) back

Countries and cities may also get a grade in addition to a rating.

A – Would live here

B – Considering living here

C – May consider living here

D – Could live here

E – Wouldn’t live here

F – Please don’t make me live here

Travel Posts on The Perch


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